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Welcome to GBGs Trust Centre

This page provides an overview of the security controls in use for GBG Group.

Please note you must be an existing customer or have a non-disclosure agreement in place to access locked information.

COMING SOON: Product Family pages will be available which will provide product specific security information - these are due for release in the coming months, until then if you have a product specific query use the contact us link and a member of the team will respond as soon as they can.

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Security White Paper

Knowledge Base

    Are there Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and/or groups assigned to assess risk for distinct categories (e.g., operational, reputational, regulatory, technology, privacy, financial, etc.)?
    Is all organization email scanned by a DLP security solution?
    Does the organization's risk management program include processes that analyze risk at the enterprise level keeping stakeholders and senior management informed of risk management decisions?
    Is there a formalized Risk Assessment process that identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes risks based on the risk acceptance levels relevant to the organization?
    Do scans performed on incoming and outgoing email include phishing prevention?
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